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Rustic House Campos de Vilance

Vilance, 1, 27560 Monterroso

Podrobnosti - Rustic House Campos de Vilance

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  • Typ inzercie:Ubytovanie
  • Typ nehnuteľnosti:Hotel
  • Základná cena osoba/noc (informatívny prepočet):72 EUR
  • Počet izieb:4
    • Krajina:Španielsko
    • Mesto:Monterroso
    • Ulica:Vilance, 1
    • PSČ:27560

Popis - Vilance, 1, 27560 Monterroso

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cozy charming rural cottage in heart of nature has a rustic; design this is undoubtedly the right choice, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on unnecessary luxuries. All rooms include services like spectacular views. High quality in all of its features without being excessively luxurious. It has a wide range of facilities and services such as large function rooms for holding all types of conventions and events, has facilities for children and possibility of practising outdoor activities. Ideal place for enjoying the regional cuisine and the local festivals.

Rooms: 4 Iron Refrigerator

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Hotel Monterroso, Vilance, 1, Rustic House Campos de Vilance

Rustic House Campos de Vilance

  • 72 EUR
  • Typ inzercie:Ubytovanie
  • Typ nehnuteľnosti:Hotel
  • Počet izieb:4