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Jack: Ponúkam podnájom

Dairy View, Missouri City Area, South / SW Houston

  • Typ inzercie:Ponúkam podnájom
  • Typ nehnuteľnosti:Dom
  • Cena:600 USD - 556 EUR
  • Doba prenájmu:Menej ako pol roka
  • Voľný od:7. April 2020
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Popis - Dairy View, Missouri City Area, South / SW Houston

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I work long hours. I just bought this place and it is need of some updating and remodeling (mostly cosmetic updates), but I won't be doing much this first year. I am seeking a quiet, professional roommate for at least 3 months, but I am willing to extend the time frame if needed. There is no furniture in the place, aside from the few items I have at this moment. So, if you have furniture you would like to bring, that is OK. If needed, there is potential for you to spillover into the extra room. I'm trying to decide if I want to knock it out and expand the other two rooms into that space. There is a 2 car garage attached with a small courtyard. Visiting children are fine, but not live-in. Background check and job verification required. ***The photo of the living room is from before the previous owners moved out. That furniture is gone. The other pictures are of the two open rooms and your bathroom. Please note, there may be two open rooms, but I am only seeking one roommate. The green wall is what I'm painting the kitchen. I'm not exactly sure I like the color.

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  • Meno:Jack
  • Mesto:Missouri City Area, South / SW Houston
  • Fajčiar:Nie
  • Voľný od:7. April 2020