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2 izbový byt izby na prenájom na prenájom

Cronmans Väg, Södra innerstaden

  • Typ inzercie:Izby na prenájom
  • Typ nehnuteľnosti:2 izbový byt
  • Zariadenosť:Zariadená
  • Minimálny pobyt:Menej ako pol roka
    • Krajina:Švédsko
    • Mesto:Malmö
    • Ulica:Cronmans Väg
    • PSČ:21138
  • Doplnkové údaje:
    Balkón | Parkovacie miesto | Internet

Popis - Cronmans Väg, Södra innerstaden

  • svenska
Hey dear room-seeker, I offer a nice, cosy room in an apartment in Malmö.The room is 15 qm2 large and will be available from14 of June till 14 of September (3 months). The room is located in a flat on the third floor,including a kitchen, living room, a balcony (where you can smoke) and bath room.You can use my desk, table, book shelf, bed and a large wardrobe (on the pictures you canSee how the room currently looks – however, I will remove most of it so that youCan use the room freely and individually =D).Furthermore, you will stay with my lovely roommate Jon,who is a local teacher and a very easy-going and trustworthy person. It takes 11 minutes to get to Central Station by bus 5 and 10 minutes toget to Värnhem by bus 33. There are several restaurants (Italian, Arab, Chinese etc.), supermarkets (Willy's, ICA, Super Gros), parks and a gym nearby.Moreover, its is a 15 minutes walk to Möllevangstorget,Malmö's best bar and student district. ;-D Heating, water and electricity are included in the monthly roomrate,which is 3.400 per month (if however, you do not want to rent the room forthe whole time for whatever reason, contact me and we may find a solution =)).There are also laundry facilities in the building which are very well and completelyfree of charge. A parking-lot is directly in front of the building. Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask about the room!If you want, you can visit the room in advance.I will be glad to make your acquaintance! Kind regards, Lukas

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2 izbový byt Södra innerstaden, Cronmans Väg, 2 izbový byt izby na prenájom

2 izbový byt Södra innerstaden, Cronmans Väg

  • Typ inzercie:Izby na prenájom
  • Typ nehnuteľnosti:2 izbový byt
  • Minimálny pobyt:Menej ako pol roka