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  • Catégorie: Divers
  • Crypto pris en charge: bitcoin
  • Addresse: Пресненская набережная 6 с2, Moscow
  • Ce produit / service n'est pas connecté localement. Il est disponible dans le monde entier.


  • english
Bitaps is a Bitcoin Block Explorer Browser with embided wallet and bitcoin merchant API for commerce. Fast, secure, easy, relable and free Bitcoin purse. Bitaps is a full Bitcoin node with whole information about: blockchain network, orphaned blocks, double spending activity, Bitcoin block forks, unconfirmed transactions, mining difficults, minimum/ recomendated/ fast transfer fee, avarage block size and time, current hashrate, market price and weighted Bitcoin price in USD, block high. Search transaction hash, block number, address. Use convenient import private key WIF WEF formats to access to your bitcoin address (public key). Send and receive your bitcoins. Also you can see network, economy and mining statistic. See Bitstamps, Coinbase and Bitfinex trade rates. Analyze charts and data. Take care. Encrypt your money
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