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Reece: Looking for a room

Roommate General Trias

  • Name:Reece
  • Gender:Man
  • Age:22
  • City:Sydney
  • Smoker:No
  • My budget:600 AUD - 386 EUR
  • Available from:24. October 2021
  • english

Hi, my name is Reece, I'm 22 and currently residing in the NT, but I will be leaving my current full-time employment to relocate back to Vic in mid July so I can start my uni degree next year, I'm a very neat and tidy man with a bit of OCD when it comes to making things look pretty, I do own a large 4WD ute that is my pride and joy simply because I've owned it since new! (I believe) I can cook and I enjoy cooking, but only on the BBQ, put me in a kitchen and I'm lost without a cookbook! If it was fiesable I would cook every meal on the BBQ, I enjoy it that much.I have been living by myself (no pets) for the past couple of years so I do know how too look after myself, and over the years I have been living by myself I have accumulated a fair amount of furniture that I'm certainly willing to share. I love living a semi-active lifestyle and enjoy playing, watching and thoroughly enjoying all sorts of sport. I am not a party animal but I do enjoy a good get-together every now and again. I grew up in a wine reigon so naturally I do enjoy a red (sometimes white) every now and again, I even own a small wine collection! I am a nice and generous guy and will certainly give up my own time and space to help a friend-in-need, in saying that I am after a house-mate/house-mates and not just people to live with.I hope this enough info for you and if I have intrigued you, please get in contact and I will happily return the favour.

Please no messages from land-lords, I would like to know who I will be living with from the start.




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Reece: Looking for a room, Roommate General Trias

Reece: Looking for a room

  • 600 AUD - 386 EUR
  • Type of listing:Looking for a room
  • Age:22
  • Gender:Man