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Private room

Calle Arrieta, 28013 Madrid

  • Single bedroom next to Plaza de Oriente

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  • Type of listing:I have a room
  • Property type:More room apartment
  • Type of rented room:Private room
  • Monthly rent:530 EUR
  • Number of bathrooms:3
  • Number of rooms:10
  • Minimum stay:90 days
  • Available from:25. May 2022

Description - Calle Arrieta, 28013 Madrid

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If you're looking forward to live with some other students, and make the best out of your experience in Madrid, then look no further. This amazing apartment in Opera will be the perfect choice!
The flat has ten bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and three shared bathrooms. This apartment is very well-located near the Opera metro station!

Keep in mind that the landlord will only accept bookings from tenants between the age of 18 until 30 years old.


Occasional overnight guests: Yes

Pets: No

Smoking: No

Bedroom details

Wardrobe: Yes

Desk: Yes

Chairs: Yes

Window: Yes

Balcony: Yes

Door lock: Yes

Single bed: Yes

Chest of drawers: No

Sofa: No

Sofa bed: No

Towels: No

Bed linen: No

Tv: No

Property equipment

Elevator: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes

Cable Tv: No

Central heating: No

Air conditioning: No

Outdoor area: No

Towels & bed linen: No

Living room

Chairs: Yes

Sofa: Yes

Window: Yes

Coffee table: Yes

Table: Yes

Tv: Yes

Desk: No

Sofa bed: No

Balcony: No


Chairs: Yes

Window: Yes

Fridge: Yes

Freezer: Yes

Stove: Yes

Oven: Yes

Microwave: Yes

Washing machine: Yes

Dishes & cutlery: Yes

Pots & pans: Yes

Table: Yes

Balcony: No

Dryer: No

dishwasher: No


Window: Yes

Toilet: Yes

Sink: Yes

Shower: Yes

Bathtub: No


Toilet: Yes

Sink: Yes

Shower: Yes

Bathtub: No


Window: Yes

Toilet: Yes

Sink: Yes

Shower: Yes

Rental conditions

Contract: Monthly 

The type of contract applicable to each listing is selected by the landlord. In a monthly contract, you are always charged for a whole month, regardless of your move-in date and how many days you stay. For example, if you move in on September 20, you are still required to pay for the entire month of September, which is why, in this case, we recommend moving in on the first day of the month.

If move-in is on the 20th - Contract starts on 1st
If move-out is on the 20th – Contract ends on 30th

Monthly rent: 530 EUR 

Rent in individual months:

  • 1 - 530 EUR
  • 2 - 530 EUR
  • 3 - 530 EUR
  • 4 - 530 EUR
  • 5 - 530 EUR
  • 6 - 530 EUR
  • 7 - 530 EUR
  • 8 - 530 EUR
  • 9 - 530 EUR
  • 10 - 530 EUR
  • 11 - 530 EUR
  • 12 - 530 EUR

Cancellation policy: Non-refundable 

The 1st rental payment is non-refundable.

The cancellation policy applicable to each listing is selected by the landlord. The Agency One-time Service Fee is non-refundable. The cancellation policy is only applied to the 1st rental payment. The agency is not liable for any refund of the holding deposit. In the case of a cancellation, the landlord has the final decision regarding the refund of the holding deposit. To cancel your booking, please contact us.

Min. length of stay: 90 nights 

This landlord requires all tenants to stay a minimum of 90 nights. This means that, depending on your move-in date, you should book your move-out at least 90 nights later to get accepted.

Bills: Not included 

You need to agree with the landlord on when to pay the bills that are not included.

  • Water: Not included
  • Electricity: Not included
  • Gas: Not included
  • Internet: Not included

Admin Fee: 530 EUR/one-time fee 

This fee is charged by the landlord to cover administrative costs like a contract registration, an initial and final house cleaning, and any additional maintenance costs required by the property management. The admin fee will be charged only once, on the day of your move-in, and you pay it directly to the landlord.

Security Deposit: Equal to first rent 

The type of deposit applicable is selected by the landlord. A Security Deposit refers to the amount you have to pay directly to your landlord on the day of your move-in to cover for any potential damages that may occur during your stay. The landlord may also keep the Security Deposit if you leave earlier than agreed. If no damages occur and you leave on the agreed move-out date, your deposit will be refunded.

Property on the map - Calle Arrieta, 28013 Madrid

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Available from: 25. May 2022

Minimum stay: 90 days

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Private room Madrid, Calle Arrieta, Private room

Private room Madrid, Calle Arrieta

  • 530 EUR
  • Type of listing:I have a room
  • Property type:More room apartment
  • Number of rooms:10
  • Available from:25. May 2022
  • Minimum stay:90 days