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Private room

Travessa da Hera, 1200-218 Lisbon

  • Cool double bedroom in a 4-bedroom apartment near Praça Luís de Camões

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  • Type of listing:I have a room
  • Property type:4 bedroom apartment
  • Type of rented room:Private room
  • Monthly rent:400 EUR
  • Number of bathrooms:1
  • Number of rooms:4
  • Minimum stay:90 days
  • Available from:4. March 2022
    • Country:Portugal
    • City:Lisbon
    • Street:Travessa da Hera
    • Postal code:1200-403


Occasional overnight guests: Yes

Pets: No

Smoking: No

Bedroom details

Balcony: Yes

Window: Yes

Double bed: Yes

Wardrobe: No

Property equipment

Towels & bed linen: Yes

Wi-Fi: Yes

Accessibility: No

Cable Tv: No

Central heating: No

Air conditioning: No

Outdoor area: No


Fridge: Yes

Freezer: Yes

Stove: Yes

Microwave: Yes

Washing machine: Yes

Dishes & cutlery: Yes

Pots & pans: Yes

dishwasher: No


Toilet: Yes

Sink: Yes

Shower: Yes

Rental conditions

Contract: Fortnightly 

The type of contract applicable to each listing is selected by the landlord. A fortnightly contract refers to a type of contract where you are charged per fortnight (a period of two weeks). What this means is, if you move in during the second fortnight of the month, you will only be charged for this period, and not for the entire month. Regardless of the contract type, the prices displayed while you’re completing your booking refer to the 1st rental payment, which corresponds to the first 30 days of the contract.

If move-in is on the 20th - Contract starts on 16th
If move-out is on the 20th – Contract ends on 30th

Monthly rent: 400 EUR 

Rent in individual months:

  • 1 - 400 EUR
  • 2 - 400 EUR
  • 3 - 400 EUR
  • 4 - 400 EUR
  • 5 - 400 EUR
  • 6 - 400 EUR
  • 7 - 400 EUR
  • 8 - 400 EUR
  • 9 - 400 EUR
  • 10 - 400 EUR
  • 11 - 400 EUR
  • 12 - 400 EUR

Cancellation policy: Moderate 

Your 1st rent will be 100% refunded if you cancel up to 60 days before the contract start date.

The cancellation policy applicable to each listing is selected by the landlord. The Agency One-time Service Fee is non-refundable. The cancellation policy is only applied to the 1st rental payment. The agency is not liable for any refund of the holding deposit. In the case of a cancellation, the landlord has the final decision regarding the refund of the holding deposit. To cancel your booking, please contact us.

Min. length of stay: 90 nights 

This landlord requires all tenants to stay a minimum of 90 nights. This means that, depending on your move-in date, you should book your move-out at least 90 nights later to get accepted.

Bills: Not included 

You need to agree with the landlord on when to pay the bills that are not included.

  • Water: Not included
  • Electricity: Not included
  • Gas: Not included
  • Internet: Not included

Security Deposit: Equal to first rent 

The type of deposit applicable is selected by the landlord. A Security Deposit refers to the amount you have to pay directly to your landlord on the day of your move-in to cover for any potential damages that may occur during your stay. The landlord may also keep the Security Deposit if you leave earlier than agreed. If no damages occur and you leave on the agreed move-out date, your deposit will be refunded.

Property on the map - Travessa da Hera, 1200-218 Lisbon

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Available from: 4. March 2022

Minimum stay: 90 days

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Private room Lisbon, Travessa da Hera, Private room

Private room Lisbon, Travessa da Hera

  • 400 EUR
  • Type of listing:I have a room
  • Property type:4 bedroom apartment
  • Number of rooms:4
  • Available from:4. March 2022
  • Minimum stay:90 days