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TOP real estate agencies and agents

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  • Occupy leading positions
    Occupy leading positions
    Get exclusive positions across
  • Be there, where people search
    Be there, where people search
    Get in touch with buyers who are searching in your area
  • Expand your business
    Expand your business
    Work with people who need your help and want to be contacted

"TOP real estate agencies and agents" is a marketing tool for real estate agencies and agents oriented towards gaining new clients.

How does it work?

  • step 1:
    fill in your profile properly, as you will look more trustworthy. It will be easier for you to catch the attention of international clients if your profile will be available in several languages.

  • step 2:
    set your specialization (sale / rent) as well as your scope of business in which you offer your services.

  • step 3:
    based on your settings we will put you in the list of "TOP real estate agencies and agents". Your profile will be shown to people searching for properties in your area.

  • step 4:
    the client will send you his/her requirements about the property he/she is searching for, the rest is up to you.

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