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GlobFeeder is a tool that automatically posts listings from your account on social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

GlobFeeder can operate independently in two modes. It's up to you if you activate all of them or just one of the following modes:

  1. automatic posting of your new listings on Twitter

    Each of your new listings is posted as a tweet through your Twitter account

    Your real estate listings on Twitter
  2. Facebook app with your listings

    An app that automatically synchronizes all of your listings at account with your Facebook page. Your Facebook visitors will be able to search and view all your listings directly on Facebook.

    • Facebook app for real estate agents
    • Facebook app for real estate agents
    • Facebook app for real estate agents
    • Facebook app for real estate agents

Why we have created GlobFeeder?

Facebook and Twitter are visited by more than 865 million users a day. Both social networks have thus become a great tool for attracting new clients. For this reason your marketing strategy should involve those networks.

That is why we have developed GlobFeeder which can automatically post your listings on those networks. Thus you can reach a new type of clients that favor social networks over the traditional way of finding real estate.

Benefits - Why use GlobFeeder?

  • an efficient tool for presenting your company on social networks
  • your listings reaches more potential clients
  • a new type of clients
  • an automatic process, no manual labor
  • saves your time

How to set GlobFeeder?

  1. Place your listings on
    In addition to manually inserted listings you can set the automatic inserted listings. Learn more here.

  2. Connect your account with social networks
    Create a connection between and social networks (Facebook, Twitter) where you want to post your listings.

Please log in to your account, so we can provide precise instructions.

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