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3101 Agios Athanasios

House for sale

  • Type of listing:For Sale
  • Property type:House
  • Price:530 000 EUR
  • Area:220 m2
  • Land:300 m2
  • Number of rooms:4

Description - 3101 Agios Athanasios

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For Sale Detached House in Agios Athanasios for €530,000

Earthworks Dredges will be excavated until solid ground is found. The site will then be cleaned, and all the rubble will be removed. The construction site will be embanked with clean crusher run to reach the planned elevation. The embankment fill will be molded and compressed by a roller-compactor.
Structure Reinforced Concrete according to the plans. The structure was designed to follow the regulations regarding the Reinforced Concrete codes and Earthquake-Resistant requirements. Sampling cubes will be taken during the concreting process and their strength results will be at the disposal of the owner. The concrete will be evenly layered and will achieve maximum homogeneity so that with the removal of the molds there are no gaps and imperfections on the surfaces. Lowest compressive concrete strength C30/35.FlooringThe interior of the building as well as the verandas are covered with imported quality ceramics (from RAGNA MARAZZI ITALY - Grade A). Laminated parquet worth € 30 / sq.m (from MEISTER AQUASAFE company) will be placed in the bedrooms. For the staircase selected imported marble will be installed. The total cost includes the cost of the skirting boards. The windows will be fitted with marble sills. The ceramic tiles will be fitted with a 3mm joint, after they've been insulated with 4mm tile adhesive. The verandas will have a high-quality cement insulation by the company Mapei.
Walls (Interior and Exterior) The walls will be constructed with high-quality thermal insulating bricks from the company LYDRAS. The exterior walls will be 25cm in width and the interiors 10cm in width. Special plastic mesh for crack control will be installed in all concrete - brick joints and in all wall repairs (e.g. slots for electrical / mechanical piping). When laying the bricks, the mortar between them will be positioned both horizontally and vertically.
Kitchen Walls Quality Granite will be placed on the counter tops and will turn between the cabinets and the kitchen counter. Smooth plaster finish with a spatula, with three layers of emulsifying paint (Neochrome or Sigma) will be placed in all other areas.
Bathroom Walls Quality ceramic tiles will be installed up to the height of the ceiling and a smooth plaster finish with three layers of emulsifying paint (Neochrome or Sigma). Τhe asking fee includes the waterproofing of the bathroom walls.
Plastering / Paint The interior surfaces will have a smooth three-layer plaster finish and then three layers of emulsifying paint (Neochrome or Sigma). Thermal Paint by KNAUF will be used for the exterior walls and the written specifications of the Thermal Paint will be given.
Facade Stone 20cm build-in from Troodos mountain will be installed at the facade of the house.
Ceilings The ceilings will have fair faced concrete finish and will be of good quality concrete with spatula finish and three layers of emulsified paint (Neochrome or Sigma). Also, the indoor ceilings will be decorated with gypsum boards and secret lighting design.
Entrance Door The main entrance door will be made of first grade aluminium form the company MUSKITA with pivot rotation system. Dimensions according to drawings.

Windows - Doors (exterior) All exterior windows and sliding doors will be aluminium from MUSKITA and will have double glazing (5mm4mm glass) for better thermal and sound insulation. Safety bolts will be placed in the center of all sliding doors and windows. The color of the aluminium will be black and the type will be the MU3000 and MU2500TH doors.
Interior Doors The interior doors will be selected from PETOUSSIS company, Grade A quality CLEAF and the price for each one will reach up to €300.
Closets All closets will be either imported or locally selected, including the racks, shelves and drawers. Priced at €240/m2
Sanitary ware Sanitary wares are of high quality and will be placed in accordance with the European standards. The mixers and showers will be included as well.
Insulation All levels, sloping floors and terraces will be insulated with reinforced bituminous membrane. Beneath the footings and the ground floors will be placed a construction polythene sheet with an overlapping width of 20 cm. Under the blocks and ground floors will be a 20 cm overlap polythene sheet. Beneath the ground floor and the exterior masonry there will be a bituminous waterproofing. On the roof, 50mm thick extruded polystyrene 50mm will be placed before laying the floor and then the appropriate slopes will be made.
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems To cool and heat the house during the summer and winter months, Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners will be installed in the Living Room/Dining Room and kitchen area. For the bedrooms high-energy split unit Air Conditioners will be installed from the company GREE.
Electrical Mechanical Services All electrical work will be carried out according to the plans and will be approved by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus. The main circuits consist of 13amp sockets in 30amp ring. Fully functional TV, telephone and internet points will be provided in the living room and in all bedrooms (cables, amplifier, antenna). The diameter of TV and telephone pipes will be at least 2cm. The boxes for the switches of the TV and telephone points will be in white plastic Legrand.

Air Conditioning
Barbeque Area
Central Heating
Covered Private parking
Dining Room
Double glaze windows
En suite bathrooms
Entrance Hall
Game Room
Open Kitchen
Price Plus VAT
Study Room
TV Room
Telephone Line
- Air Conditioning
- Barbeque Area
- Central Heating
- Covered Private parking
- Dining Room
- Double glaze windows
- En suite bathrooms
- Entrance Hall
- Game Room
- Garage
REF: 18541-H-104992

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House Agios Athanasios, House for sale

House Agios Athanasios

  • 530 000 EUR
  • Type of listing:For Sale
  • Property type:House
  • Number of rooms:4
  • Area:220 m2
  • Land:300 m2