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Decentralized Immutable & Unstoppable Ethereum Staking Smart Contract

  • Category: Trader, Voucher
  • Supported crypto: bitcoin
  • Address: ETH
  • Opening hours: Open 24/7
  • This product / service is not connected to locality. It is available worldwide.

Exchange information

If you plan to buy or sell cryptocurrencies through a trader, choose one that has an very good rating and consider using the peer-to-peer exchange where the conversions are carried out using escrow. During the conversion, the third-party custodian is in charge of meeting the agreed terms. If the conditions are met, the funds will be exchanged. Otherwise, they will return.

Avoid exchange at a personal meeting. Such an exchange is very risky unless it is a counterpart you fully trust.

  • Current price 1 BTC: 9221.93 EUR / 10761.99 USD


  • english
COMPLETELY DECENTRALIZED, HUMANS CAN’T SHUT IT DOWN. YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. OPEN SOURCE Gandhiji Smart contract is verified on the on the Ethereum blockchain that is fully transparent and open source. The code is backed by the Ethereum blockchain, feel free to take a look at the divine mathematics and logic, the code is open for all to see. So, as long as the Ethereum network exists so will the Gandhiji Dapp. Every transaction is handled by a piece of un-changeable blockchain programming known as a smart-contract. Decentralised Democracy has finally arrived. You can connect to the Gandhiji Smart Contract Here
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