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Billy Top

  • Category: Trader, Various
  • Supported crypto: bitcoin, litecoin, monero
  • Address: Maya shopping mall, Huay keaw, Chiang mai
  • Opening hours: Closed
    Monday08:00 - 21:00 | 08:00 - 21:00Tuesday08:00 - 21:00 | 08:00 - 21:00Wednesday08:00 - 21:00 | 08:00 - 21:00Thursday08:00 - 21:00 | 08:00 - 21:00
    Friday08:00 - 21:00 | 08:00 - 21:00Saturday08:00 - 21:00 | 08:00 - 21:00Sunday08:00 - 21:00 | 08:00 - 21:00
  • This product / service is not connected to locality. It is available worldwide.

Exchange information

If you plan to buy or sell cryptocurrencies through a trader, choose one that has an very good rating and consider using the peer-to-peer exchange where the conversions are carried out using escrow. During the conversion, the third-party custodian is in charge of meeting the agreed terms. If the conditions are met, the funds will be exchanged. Otherwise, they will return.

Avoid exchange at a personal meeting. Such an exchange is very risky unless it is a counterpart you fully trust.

  • Current price 1 BTC: 24828 EUR / 26916.03 USD
  • Supported operations: You can sell crypto here
  • Payment methods: Cash, Bank Transfer


  • english
Now you can sell, convert or exchange bitcoins BTC, USDT, XLM, ETH, LTC, XRP and Doge here with us is privacy, easy and safe.

We buying you with Thai Baht CASH and you do not need to verify your identity, NO need registration, NO need KYC or any required doccuments.

If you are a tourists, digital nomad, travellers or whoever you are,who need to sell bitcoins or exchange your cryptocurrency and get money in Bangkok, Thailand, you are wellcome.

No matter the price is increasing or decreasing, we will buy from you at the market price.

Here are Cryptoes we willing to buy.
Lite coin=LTC,

High light
1.No need KYC or other documents
2.Face to Face appointment
3.Pay you with cash
4.Get money from us 5 minutes after 2 confriming blocks

Exchange rate to Thai Baht

BTC & Cryptos Fees
20,000 - 100,000 THB = 7 %
100,001 - 200,000 THB = 6 %
200,001- up THB = 5 %

Stable coins( USDT, USDC )
50,001-100,000 THB = 5 %
100,001-200,000 THB = 4 %
200,001- up THB = 3 %

Minimum = 20,000 THB up

How to calculate
For example, you want to sell BTC worth 100,000 baht, the service fees is 7%.
So 100,000-7%= 93,000
Then you will receive 93,000 baht in cash.
Base on prices quoted from
How to sell Bitcoins,BTC, USDT, XRM, ETH, LTC, XRP, Doge or exchange bitcoins to Thai Baht in Thailand, Here is a easy process ; 3 steps

1.Send us SMS via Telegram app(Billytop) tell us
What coin you want to sell
How many coins
Prefer cash or check
Your name
2.Meet up by face to face ; normaly meet at Starbucks, Department store or infront of Banks in Chiang Mai city
3.We pay you with Thai Bath cash after coins have been completely confirmed transaction in our wallet.

If you interested in, just feel free to chat.
Chat to me only at working time 8:00-21:00.
Contact us via Telegram app chat @billytop
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