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About Us

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REALAT is the enterprise aiming at the successful result in the real estate transactions. We are able to support and arrange any kind of services requested for the purchase of the property, sales, rent, lease and other deals execution. Our goal is to provide the Customer with the highest quality of service, connected in the real estate sphere.

Our priority is to safe Your time!


Quality – Accuracy – Professionalism

Experience – more than 10 years of collecting tacit and explicit knowledge and 10 years of experience in the execution of various kinds of the deals. This makes our agents competent enough in different questions regarding real estate and are able to find the most appropriate solutions.

Team work – REALAT is represented by – specialists of different specific spheres, that are working in a team sharing the knowledge.

Satisfied customers – each time when the Customer is thankfull for the services and job done, we feel a new wave of inspiration, because our aim is to make the life of our customers easier, saving his/her time and providing with the maximum effect and profit.

Innovative tools, approach and solutions:

Professional photo sessions;
Video material filming and editing;
360 panoramic views;
Aerophotography and video;
3D visual effects;

The real estate sphere consists of wide range of different specifics – living areas, commercial premises, investment projects, etc. We organize our work the way, so that to involve the professionals of each separate spectrum in one team, to be able to research and monitor the market tendencies, and to follow the customers demand. When the wishes of our customers become true, we get the inspiration and strive for the highest results in Latvia, Baltic States, Eastern Europe and the West.

VALUES – experience, professionalism, innovative approach, energy moved to the right direction, listening to the customer and offering the best solution.

Real estate brokerage, investment, commercial.

Awards and Certificates:
Best locale real estate agency

Contact us

REALAT real estate Ltd
Lacplesa Street 57, Riga, LV-1011
Riga LV-1012

Phone: +371 22304489

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