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Hotels Kushiro, Japan

Wakatake Ryokan

  • 6 240 JPY - 45 EUR
  • Price type:Room/Night
  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel
  • Number of rooms:2
  • Min. number of persons:1
  • Min. number of nights:1
    • Country:Japan
    • City:Kushiro
    • Street:Wakamatsu-cho 18-18
A 10-minute drive from JR Kushiro Train Station, Wakatake Ryokan features Japanese-style rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available and a convenience store is located within a 5-minute walk away.

The rooms feature tatami (woven-straw) floors and Japanese futon bedding. Heating facilities and a TV are included in each. Bathrooms and toilets are shared.

Guests can store food in the shared fridge and enjoy watching the flat-screen TV located in the common room.

A Japanese and Western breakfast is served at the dining room.

Ryokan Wakatake is a 20-minute drive from Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and a 30-minute drive from Kushiro Marsh Observatory.
Hotel Sakaechō, 3-7 Nishiki-cho, Kushiro 085-0016, Hokkaido Japan, Ana Kushiro

Ana Kushiro

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Sakaechō
Hotel Kushiro, 7-1 Saiwai-cho, Prince Kushiro Hotel

Prince Kushiro Hotel

  • 60 USD - 56 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Kushiro
  • Number of rooms:400
Hotel Kushiro, 3-7 Nishikicho, Crowne Plaza ANA Kushiro

Crowne Plaza ANA Kushiro

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Kushiro
  • Number of rooms:180
Hotel Kushiro, 11-1-1, Kurogane-cho, Super Hotel Kushiro

Super Hotel Kushiro

  • 45 USD - 42 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Kushiro
  • Number of rooms:109
  • Bed and Breakfast:Yes
Hotel Tōro, 2-8-1 Akanko-onsen, Akancho, Akan Tsuruga Bessou Hinanoza

Akan Tsuruga Bessou Hinanoza

  • 315 USD - 294 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Tōro
  • Number of rooms:25
Hotel Shimo-teshibetsu, 13-1-1 Kita Odori, Comfort Hotel Kushiro

Comfort Hotel Kushiro

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Shimo-teshibetsu
Hotel Tōro, 1-6-1 Akanko-Onsen Akancho, Forest Akan Tsuruga Resort Hana Yu Ka

Forest Akan Tsuruga Resort Hana Yu Ka

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Tōro
Hotel Shimo-teshibetsu, 4-1 Kawakami-cho, , Hotel Rasso Kushiro

Hotel Rasso Kushiro

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Shimo-teshibetsu
Hotel Shimo-teshibetsu, 2-1 Kita-odori, , La Vista Kushirogawa

La Vista Kushirogawa

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Shimo-teshibetsu

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