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Hotels Haikou, China

Hotel Sheraton Haikou Resort

  • 165 USD - 153 EUR
  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel
  • Number of rooms:341
    • Country:China
    • City:Haikou
    • Street:BIN HAI ROAD
Sheraton Haikou Resort is ideally located on the west coast of Haikou city. Our magnificent beachfront resort is just 10 minutes from the city centre and 40 minutes from Haikou's Meilan International Airport.
Haikou is blessed with tropical beaches, cultural and historical attractions, as well as an endless array of nightlife and shopping choices. Two international golf courses are within a few minutes drive of the resort along with Hainan hot spring tubs which draw water from 700 meters below ground. Warm sub-tropical weather makes this the idyllic place to visit year round.
Comfortable guest rooms and suites make it easy for you to enjoy a relaxing stay and experience the celebrated “ahhhhh” of The Sheraton Sweet Sleeper™ Bed. For total relaxation, pamper yourself at Touch Spa. Or, if you are looking to keep fit, our fitness center is available 24 hours a day.
Find a feeling of welcome unlike any other at the Sheraton Haikou Resort.
Hotel Xinbu, No21, Xiyuan Road, Xin Bu Island, M, Haikou 570209, Hainan Province China, Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou

Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Xinbu
Hotel Changliu, No.38 Datong Road, Longhua District, Hna Downtown

Hna Downtown

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Changliu
Hotel Renli, No.6 Jinken Road, Conifer Garden Hotel Haikou

Conifer Garden Hotel Haikou

  • 87 USD - 81 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Renli
  • Number of rooms:246
Hotel Haikou, 68 RENMIN AVE., HAIKOU, HAINAN 570208, CHINA, Golden Coast Lawton

Golden Coast Lawton

  • 184 USD - 171 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Haikou
  • Number of rooms:354
Hotel Changliu, 111 WEST BINHAI ROAD, HAIKOU CITY, 570312 HAIKOU, Hna Beach & Spa Resort

Hna Beach & Spa Resort

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Changliu
Hotel Changliu, No.21 Xiyuan Road, Xinbu Island, Meilan District, Howard Johnson New Port Resort

Howard Johnson New Port Resort

  • 130 USD - 121 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Changliu
  • Number of rooms:298
Hotel Changliu, No.4 Haifu Road, Meilan District, Hotel accommodation

Hotel Changliu, No.4 Haifu Road, Meilan District

  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Changliu
Hotel Haikou, No 4 Haifu Road, Haikou Hotel

Haikou Hotel

  • 40 USD - 37 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Haikou
  • Number of rooms:196
  • Bed and Breakfast:Yes
Hotel Tianluo, No.256 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Shangri-la Haikou

Shangri-la Haikou

  • 203 USD - 189 EUR
  • Property type:Hotel
  • City:Tianluo
  • Number of rooms:337

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