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Edelweiss And Gurgl

RAMOLWEG, 5, Obergurgl, Lazins

Details - Edelweiss And Gurgl

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  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel
    • Country:Italy
    • City:Obergurgl
    • Street:RAMOLWEG, 5, Obergurgl
    • Postal code:6456

Description - RAMOLWEG, 5, Obergurgl, Lazins

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The Hotel has 2 restaurants, a bar, a conference room, a coffee shop, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre/gym.This hotel is located in the city centre of Obergurgl. It is close to the Zirbenwald Obergurgl.All rooms are equipped with hairdryer and safe.

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Edelweiss And Gurgl

  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel