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Hotel Britannia

Elizabetlaan 85, Knokke-Heist

Details - Hotel Britannia

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  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel
  • Price type:Person/Night
  • The basic price for person/night (informative conversion):73 EUR
  • Bed and Breakfast:Yes
  • Min. number of persons:1
  • Min. number of nights:1
  • Number of beds:3
    • Country:Belgium
    • City:Knokke-Heist
    • Street:Elizabetlaan 85
    • Postal code:8300
  • Additional information:
    Internet | Cycling | Object near the beach | Suitable for children

Description - Elizabetlaan 85, Knokke-Heist

  • english
Languages Spoken: German, English, French, Dutch
Facilities available at the object: non-smoking facility, internet, wi-fi, communal tv lounge
Gastronomy: breakfast
Near the object: beach - sandy
Rentals: bicycle rental
Services available at the object: credit/debit cards accepted, babysitting, left-luggage, lift, taxi arranged, business conference facilities
For children: toys for the kids, baby's bed, high-chair
Bathroom equipment: shower stall, washbasin, bath, hair dryer

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Hotel Knokke-Heist, Elizabetlaan 85, Hotel Britannia

Hotel Britannia

  • 73 EUR
  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel
  • Bed and Breakfast:Yes