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Willa Nova

Ekologiczna 15, 84-105 Karwia

Details - Hotel accommodation

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  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel
  • Bed and Breakfast:Yes
  • Min. number of persons:1
  • Min. number of nights:1
  • Number of rooms:3
    • Country:Poland
    • City:Karwieńskie Błoto Pierwsze
    • Street:Ekologiczna 15
    • Postal code:84-105

Description - Ekologiczna 15, 84-105 Karwia

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Willa Nova in Karwia is conveniently located, only a 5-minute walk from the Baltic Sea. It offers pastel-coloured rooms with free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with shower.

Guests are welcome to cook their own meals in the common kitchenette. There is a fridge and an electric kettle. Barbecue facilities are available in the garden and there is also a terrace, where breakfast can be enjoyed.

There is a billiards table in the common room and the property runs bicycle rentals. There is also free parking.

Willa Nova is situated in a quiet area, 6 km from the Coastal Landscape Park. The nearest restaurant is 500 metres away.

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Hotel Karwia, Ekologiczna 15, Hotel accommodation

Hotel Karwia, Ekologiczna 15

  • Type of listing:Accommodation
  • Property type:Hotel
  • Number of rooms:3
  • Bed and Breakfast:Yes